Features of Bio Naturel

  • It is an organic fertilizer that contains rich organic material and Amino-acid and can be applied to soil and plant leaves of all plants.
  • It increases organic matter in soil and with that population and activity of microorganisms in the soil.
  • Proper Ph level (4-6) is effective solution against negative effects of chemical fertilizers such as salinity, calcification, yield loss and lock up of soils.
  • When applied to soil, fertilizer turns into useful form for plant intake.
  • It increases productivity of plants with accelerated photosynthesis process.
  • Once applied, fertilizer triggers growth of roots, branches and leaves of plants and pollination.
  • Bio Naturel improves taste, color, aroma and form of fruits.
  • It is a multifunctioning organic fertilizer that suggested to use for all seasons for plants.
  • Compatible with other micro and macro nutriment elements. When using with other fertilizers
  • Bio Naturel should be applied first to fertilizers tanks.
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