Features of Calrion 10

  • It supplies calcium needs of plants with rich calcium contents, organic material,
  • Amino-acid and nutrient elements. It is Organomineral fertilizer that can be applied to both plant leaves and soil.
  • Provides hardness to fruits and plants and gives them resistance against stress.
  • Proper stoma control protects plants against draught and water stress.
  • Ph 4-6 helps nutrient intake and metabolic balance.
  • Encourages development in root tips and tillers.
  • When used before blooming, it increases fruit bearing and prevents fruits from dropping.
  • It prevents some diseases such as blossom-end rot in tomatoes and bitter pit in pear and apple.
  • Calrion 10 makes fruits shiny, hard, appealing, bigger and tasteful. Prevents cracks on fruits.
  • Adds durability to fruits for transporting and shelf life.
  • Easy to apply. Can be used with other fertilizers and pharmaceutical products
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