Mikro POTAS 20

Features of Mikro Potas 20

  • Mikro Potas 20 is an Organomineral fertilizer contains organic material, amino-acid and consumable potassium for plants. It can be applied to all kind of plants by leaves or soil.
  • Appropriate Ph 5-7 allows its contents to be fully consumed.
  • It strengthens trunk of plants against claw effect and leaning.
  • With Mikro Potas 20 makes plants straighten up and healthy, adjusts turgor pressure and allows nutrients to reach to everywhere.
  • It provides resistance against stress conditions such as draught, low temperature, et cetera.
  • Proper stomate controls boost irrigation efficiency.
  • Enhances quality of plants, increases solid material.
  • Helps with fruit set and allows fruits to grow faster and bigger in size.
  • Adds color aroma, size, and taste to fruits. All fruits grow in uniform.
  • Easy to apply, can be used with other fertilizers.
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